A Faster, Friendlier and More Profitable F&I Process

SmartTrac: present every product, every time, to every customer

SmartMenu: create customized, professional menus in seconds

SmartEye: monitor the process for compliance and training

Step 1: SmartTrac®
Customers can't buy what they don't see.

SmartTrac is a multi-media presentation system that incorporates audio, video and high impact graphics. It is customized for each dealership to feature only the products the dealership offers, and in the order the dealer wants to show them.

SmartTrac® Benefits:

  1. Higher CSI scores - Customers experience a more professional presentation and spend less time in the F&I office.
  2. Increased F&I profits - Exposes every customer to every product every time.
  3. Customized presentations - Dealers can tailor presentations to meet individual dealership needs.
  4. Cost savings - Utilizes existing computer hardware in most cases.

Step 2: SmartMenu™
Smart dealers use menu selling.

SmartMenu has been developed for F&I offices to produce professional, customized product menus for each customer in seconds. With SmartMenu, the dealer is in complete control of the menu, from renaming product and package names to setting default product prices and term interest amounts.

Smart dealers use SmartMenu to see more products and services. With DMS integration, the menu preparation process becomes seamless.

SmartMenu™ Benefits:

  1. Maximized profits - Dealer profits are maximized by offering customized products and packages.
  2. Higher CSI scores - CSI scores jump due to a faster F&I process and an honest, straightforward way of treating customers.
  3. Compliance - A more compliant and ethical way to present and sell products to customers in the F&I office.
  4. Customization - Dealers gain complete power to customize their own menu presentation.

Step 3: SmartEye™
Your eye in the F&I

The SmartEye video and audio recording system is ideal for training, quality control and liability protection. SmartEye digitally records and archives F&I transactions in full color, high quality video. Recorded transactions are then placed on a CD-ROM or archived using SmartEye NET over an encrypted Internet connection. These archived recordings are stored in a searchable database so that dealers may easily and instantly access needed data via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

SmartEye™ Benefits:

  1. Improved Monitoring - Every transaction can be monitored to assure customers receive proper product information for each of the F&I products. Dealers can assure that all F&I managers perform legitimate, compliant and complete product presentations to all customers.
  2. Easy Retrieval - Dealers can access an easy-to-use searchable database to find any recorded transaction. In seconds, dealers can search by customer, stock number, product sold, or other criteria.
  3. Superior training - Recorded transactions can be used as a highly effective F&I training tool to assure that staff have the most practical, real world guidance available.



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